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Q: For high school hockey, do you blow the whistle for a goal
A: Yes, according to NCAA rules no whistle is blown for a goal, but for Section V high school hockey we will be blowing the whistle for goals.

Q: For high school hockey, do mouth guards have to be attached to the facemask? 
A: No, mouth guards do not have to be attached to the facemask. There is not distinction made between mouth guards fitted by a dentist and store bought mouth guards.

Q: Regarding high school hockey protocol, is a team allowed to gather around their goal and cheer before the start of the third period? 
AYes, if a team proceeds to their goal and does a cheer and gets back to their bench and has their starting lineup on the ice before the end of the 3:00 warm-up then there is no protocol violation. But if the 3:00 warm-up comes to and end and the team then gathers around their goal and does a cheer then there is a protocol violation. The teams must have their players on their benches and starting lineup on the ice at the end of the 3:00 warm-up before the start of the 3rd period.

Q: Can a player wear an earring during the game? 
ANo, players are not allowed to wear any jewelry with the exception of religious or medical medals which must be taped to the body.

Q: How many players and pucks are allowed on the ice during the required 2 minute goaltender warm-up?
ANo more than 6 players and 5 pucks are allowed on the ice during any timeout.

Q: Do high school players have to wear throat guards?
AYes, NYS rules modifications state that all players including goaltenders are required to wear a throat guard. Please note that if tape is used on the neck guard to make it smaller then that is considered altered equipment and not an acceptable throat guard. Also, if a goalkeeper is wearing a plastic throat protector that attaches to his facemask he/she is still required to wear an additional approved throat guard. (Turtle necks are not considered throat guards and goalie chest protector extensions do not satisfy the requirement!) 

Q: Can a team completely line-up for a face-off and just before you are set to drop the puck, the center requests a timeout. Should this request be granted?
AYes, a face-off can be called at any time during a stoppage of play.

Q: If a defenseman attempts to play the puck on a potential icing and the puck jumps over his stick. Should icing be waved off ?
ANo, you can not fault the player just because the pucks jumps over his stick if he is attempting to play the puck.




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